Friday August 25th, 2023 

  • 11:00am.-5:00pm. Registration.
  • 11:30am.-1:30pm. V.I.P. Brunch.
  • 12:00pm.-8:00pm. Trade Show
  • 2:00pm.-2:30pm. Midwest Industry Conference Welcome Address.
  • 2:45pm.-4:15pm. V.I.P. Direct Impact Meet and Greet Session
  • 4:45pm.-5:15pm. State of the Industry Address
  • 5:30pm.-6:30pm. The Music is a Business Panel
  • 6:30pm.-7:45pm. V.I.P. Dinner
  • 7:30pm.-9:30pm. M.I.C. “Make The Midwest Laugh Again!” Comedy Showcase
  • 10:00pm.-2:00am. Official After-Party (TBA)

Saturday August 26th, 2023 

  • 9:00am.-1:00pm. Registration
  • 9:30am.-11:15am. Understanding Entertainment law Workshop
  • 10:00am.-6:00pm. Trade Show
  • 11:30am.-1:00pm. V.I.P. Brunch
  • 1:15pm.-2:30pm. Songwriting and Publishing Panel
  • 1:30pm.-5:30pm. D.J. Record Breakers Workshop
  • 2:45pm.-4:00pm. The Art of Digital Distribution Panel
  • 4:15pm.-5:00pm. Music in the High Tech Digital Era Seminar
  • 5:10pm.-5:55pm. Starting and Operating an Indie label Panel
  • 6:00pm.-7:30pm. V.I.P. Dinner
  • 7:15pm.-8:30pm. Maximize Your Music Career Panel
  • 8:00pm-10pm. M.I.C. “Hey World; I’m Here!” Showcase
  • 9:00pm.-2:00am. Official M.I.C. After-Party

Sunday August 27th, 2023


  • 9:00am.-5:00pm. Trade Show
  • 10:00am.-2:00p.m. V.I.P. Kickback Day Party
  • 10:30am.-12:00pm. Advertising and Marketing Panel
  • 2:00pm.-4:30pm. M.I.C. Fashion Show
  • 4:15pm.-5:30pm. V.I.P. Dinner (The Last Supper)
  • 5:00pm.-9:00pm. The M.I.C. Red Carpet
  • 6:00pm.-8:45pm. The M.I.C. Awards Ceremony
  • 9:00pm.-1:00am. Official Wrap Party




This Event is going to have major media coverage by multiple mainstream media sources. We're looking for great involvement and participation from the Midwest’s very own celebrities. Any other inquiries please contact info@midwestindustryconference.com