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We offer a range of pre-assembled partnership packages, a la carte options, and totally custom brand partnership options. We want our brand partnerships to be mutually beneficial so, please reach out if we can modify a package to best suit your brand’s needs & goals!



  • 1/8 Page Ad in event guide
  • 4 All-Access VIP Badges
  • 2x4' Banner
  • Like on social media platforms
  • Logo + Link on website
  • Attendee Bag Insert







  • 1/4 Page Ad in event guide
  • 6 All-Access VIP Badges
  • 3x6' Banner
  • Like + Branded Post on social media platforms
  • All Bronze Options
  • 1 Email Blast sent via M.I.C. 
  • VIP Bag Insert
  • Logo on all print signage on site
  • 1/2 Page Ad in event guide
  • 6 All-Access VIP Badges
  • 3x6' Banner
  • 3 Branded Posts on social media platforms
  • All Silver Options
  • Larger logo placement on signage
  • Exhibition space in prominent location
  • Logo on M.I.C. CD Compilation
  • Banner placement during all panels and seminars*
  • Logo on conference badges
  • Full Page Ad in event guide
  • 6 All-Access VIP Badges
  • 3x6' Banner
  • 5 Branded Posts on social media platforms
  • All Gold Options
  • Individual Sponsored Email
  • Branded VIP Party for all artists and registrants
  • Stage naming rights with branded signage
  • Logo on M.I.C. Festival T-Shirt


M.I.C. Bag Inserts

2xCD Compilation Logo Placement

Event Guide Advertising

A great way to “greet” our guests and familiarize them with your brand for an extremely low price.

Get your logo on our compilation CD. This is one of the most recognizable annual promotions.

Place an ad in our 10K print/50+K online edition Conference Guide.

Exhibition Booth/Space

Attendee Badge Logo Placement

Print Media Logo Placement

Get a space in the centrally located, highly traversed trade show area.

Every Attendee will see your brand’s logo on their personalized conference badge.

Print Media Placement includes your logo in posters, postcards, print ads in magazines.


The average individuals in our target market would be male or female between the ages of 16 - 45. They are employed with an income range of $24,000 to $68,000 a year. They feel that they have talent and want to explore a career in the field of music. They are active trendsetters with economic buying power, who help mold the market for generations to come. This group will make up the largest segment of our attendees and they spend a large portion of their income on pleasure and leisure time activities.

The next segment which will be considered our secondary target are ethnically centric executives between the ages of 25-50, mostly in the music industry and with entertainment companies. They are music industry insiders with an income range of about $48,000 to $145,000 a year. They are the decision makers in this industry and they have the power to propel our initial target market to the next level in their music careers. Though this segment has great buying power; they are moderate in their spending. However, this segment will provide the perfect networking opportunity to most companies on the move.


     ⮚    Musicians                                                                   ⮚   Music Executives

  • Trend Setters                                                                •     Career Builders
  • 58% Male and 42% Female                                        •     56% Male and 44% female   
  • 16-45 Years old                                                             •     25-50 Years Old
  • $24,000 - $68,000 Annual Income                            •     $48,000 - $145,000 Annual Income


Bringing together these two(2) segments from the Fashion, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop industries we will host thee(3) days of educational panels, industry discussions, demo listening sessions, trade show exhibits, round table functions, showcases, fashion show, awards ceremony, and of course our lively after parties throughout the city to cap off and unwind each resourceful day.



Becoming a corporate sponsor of the 1st Annual Midwest Industry Conference will give your business an avenue to establishing and maintaining a real time dialog with a captive audience of active trend-setters. Through our exclusive turn-key marketing and advertising campaign your company will gain valuable visibility on a national level as we expose your products/services to this massive audience of consumers and trend-setters.

As part of our marketing strategy we’ve developed a full corporate sponsorship program that is a win-win situation for sponsors, our target audience, and the conference as a whole. Your company can play a major role in our marketing and advertising campaign by becoming a corporate sponsor of the 1st Annual Midwest Industry Conference.